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Congratulations Beavercreek Grange member Ken Humbertson, new Clackamas County Commissioner! Do our county proud!

Many Thanks!

Cody and Dusty (pictured) and Bill Hood are very grateful for the support!

Many came and enjoyed breakfast with us and joined us in supporting these Boy Scouts and their leader-Dad (and BSA Ranger) to raise money to attend the National Jamboree in Washington D.C. this coming July. Fundraising continues and we will have a support jar out at each of our breakfasts if you want to join the fun. They are helpful at most of our breakfasts and we appreciate their help!

Hall and Property clean-up

It's amazing what a little, well a LOT of weed eating and trimming will do for a place!   (pictured right, Don Furlan)


Updating electrical wiring was essential  (pictured below, Bud and Gary Dumolt).........and cleaning and organizing all the kitchen cupboards and store room was time consuming but worth it! (pictured below right, Kim Schettig)

Clackamas County Fair

Our fairbooth-Deb Hood did an amazing job on this roller coaster! 


The ribbons awarded.

People's Choice, wow, thank you all!

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